About Carmen

Carmen Console " Just Ask Me"I have been working as a Commercial Artist, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator for over 30 years. I have created hundreds of Illustrations, and design projects that include dozens of logos, brochures, billboards, and advertisements as well as poster art, record covers, signs, architectural drawings, and loads of graphic for the web. In 2010 I was artist of record for the Independence Hall restoration project in Philadelphia. My illustrations have appeared in many magazines, books and ads all over the world. My art is found in books in the library of Congress. My graphics have won numerous awards for excellence. My creativity along with my painting and drawing skills has led to winning over one thousand assignments in the advertising field. My work has been included in many art exhibits over the years. I now take time out of my business to pursue painting on a part time basis. If you would like to discuss a project with me all you need to do is “Just Ask Me”. I will always take the time to talk with you and give you an honest appraisal and opinion on your project. No matter whether it’s Computer Graphics, Airbrush Art, Photoshop Retouching, Menus, Page Design, Logo Design, Branding or Painting, I can do it for you, perfectly and on time.